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Mountain Biking by the Lake

I am turning 30. I take care of myself: I eat right and exercise daily. I also put off getting insurance because I figured, "I'm a 'strapping' young man." In the midst of pondering the possibility of having a backup plan, I fell of my bike. HARD. My lesson was that it's much easier taking care of business when you're not having to take care of yourself... 
-Larimer Health Connect client

Life, at times, throws everybody curve balls. Everyone deserves the opportunity to know that their health matters and they will be cared for in times of need. 

- Larimer Health Connect client

Having a real person help me to apply has been of immeasurable value. So many people are afraid to ask for help, and I was one of them-until now. The staff have been friendly, helpful and competent. Thank you! 

- Larimer Health Connect client

Before I came in I was on a plan with very high deductibles. After I converted [to a different plan], my premiums decreased to an affordable level with much more to offer, and much lower deductibles. I have benefitted from having a guide to walk me through the options. Otherwise I would pay a whole lot more and get less. 

- Larimer Health Connect client

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