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No health insurance?

Many people have discovered there are plans they can afford that they never knew about! Remember: Plan providers can’t deny or charge more for coverage due to pre-existing conditions.

Don’t miss out!

  • Health insurance plans are available for different needs and budgets—and they change every year.
  • Check with an experienced guide to see how low the cost can be. Lots of people have been surprised when their guide helped them find options for affordable plans they hadn’t discovered on their own. Special new discounts make health insurance affordable for many more people!
  • It’s a relief to have health insurance. It may change—or save—your life.
  • Most people in Larimer County now have coverage—join them! A new survey shows that 94% of us are covered by health insurance. See if it can work for you, too!
  • It’s the law. Most people are now required by law to have health insurance or else pay a fee, and the fee increases yearly. Get something for your money that protects your family.

  • We can help. Larimer Health Connect can help you determine your options and get signed up.

Have it but need to renew?


If you bought a health plan through the Connect for Health Colorado Marketplace, your plan renews soon for 2016. CHECK to see if your plan still meets your needs—it might be a MISTAKE to let your plan renew automatically. Don’t get stuck with a plan that isn’t right for you.

  • Your plan costs may change. Monthly premium and other costs might change—check! Some people who didn’t check last year found themselves with unexpectedly higher rates.
  • There may be a plan that costs less and works better for your needs. Your total costs could be very different depending on which plan you choose. A guide may be able to help you find better options. Nationally, more than one in four people who qualify for lower costs don’t receive them—largely because they aren’t aware of key information.
  • Your situation may have changed. Be sure your income and family information is up to date.
  • We can help you review options. Do it between NOVEMBER 1 and DECEMBER 15 in order to keep continuous coverage.

New customers can shop at any time if they experience a qualifying life event.

Still need help?

Larimer Health Connect is a free service that can help you connect to health insurance.

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