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We're still here to help!  

Larimer Health Connect is still available to provide in-person enrollment assistance for health insurance after March 31, and to help small businesses and nonprofit organizations considering coverage for their employees.

Call for an appointment if you:

  • Meet one of the special exceptions to the March 31 open enrollment deadline and were unable to finish your enrollment after the deadline. If you tried to get individual health insurance by March 31 from Connect for Health Colorado, you can still finish the process and get covered for 2014. Sign into your account today and finish shopping. If you need help, call Connect for Health Colorado at 1-855-752-6749, 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday to Saturday, or make an appointment at Larimer Health Connect.  If you are waiting for a Medicaid determination, you have until May 31 to enroll in commercial health insurance.

  • Are eligible for public insurance, including  Child Health Insurance Plan (CHP+) or Medicaid, which now covers more adults than before in Colorado. Many people are eligible for these health insurance programs and don’t even know it! You can apply for Medicaid and CHP+ at any time, online or in-person. We can assist you with the application process for these programs year-round. Call us to see if you qualify! 

  • Experience a life change event, and thereby become eligible to change your current plan or shop for a new plan. (Life changes can include, in specific situations, marriage, death, or divorce; having a child; or losing health coverage, among other things.) You have a limited amount of time to update your plan or shop for a new plan, so be sure to act right after your life change event. Call us year-round if you need help with health insurance changes related to qualified life change events.
  • Represent a small businesses or nonprofit organization and are considering options for helping your employees get health insurance. You can start coverage through the small business marketplace at any time during the year. We'll meet with you at your business to help you find appropriate plans and complete the enrollment process.

About the March 31 Open Enrollment Deadline

March 31 was the deadline to purchase health insurance yourself (not through your employer or a public program). It was the deadline to:

  • Enroll in a commercial health insurance plan through the Connect for Health Colorado Marketplace, the only place where special new cost reductions on insurance are available; OR purchase a commercial health insurance plan yourself, outside of the marketplace.
  • Avoid paying a tax penalty in 2015 by being enrolled in minimum essential health coverage.

The next open enrollment period (for insurance starting in 2015) begins November 15, 2014.

Even if you think it's too late to get health coverage, check with us — if we can't get you on a plan this year, we'll help you start thinking about your options for next year!


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